One Year Later…

So I’ll be upfront and admit that I totally forgot about this blog for a while. Back in September 2014 (the time of my last post) I was pretty much exclusively doing exploration (and only data/relic exploration) during my play time. At first this seemed really interesting and fun. The risk and reward of venturing to low and null security space provided the excitement I needed to keep logging in each day. That and the chats I had with people as I slowboated between cans was all I needed.

That all changed pretty quickly, though, as the repetitiveness of the process quickly began to bore me. At some point I just stopped logging in (probably sometime late in September) and I nearly quit Eve. I’m still not really sure what brought me back a couple of weeks later, but when I came back I totally forgot to keep updating this blog – which is a shame as it would be fun to look back and see how much I changed in my goals over time. As it is, let me give you a quick glance back at my first year in Eve Online…   Continue reading

My First Long Trip

So last night I began my first extended exploration trip through New Eden. I set off into the desolation of null security space with the intent of filling my cargo hold with shinies. Using advice gathered from corporation mates in game, forums, and a variety of exploration guides I managed to avoid running into any gate camps on the way from high security space to null sec. It was still quite exciting, though, since I did pass through regions of low security space in which (based on local chat and numbers) there seemed to be ongoing fights. It provided a sense of excitement on the journey out there.

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Suddenly, CovOps!

So I woke up early this morning to deal with some apartment maintenance issues (what a pain!) and after the maintenance guy left I decided that rather than going back to sleep I should log on to EVE. Even though I went to bed knowing my Covert Ops IV training would be finished this morning, I was still surprised and excited to see that 4th pip in the skill menu. I immediately opened EFT (Eve Fitting Tool) and began to plan out my Helios fit given my current skill levels. That went quickly, mostly because I’d been thinking about it for a while but also because fitting a ship for pure exploration seemed pretty simple and straightforward.

But then something strange happened. I couldn’t bring myself to actually buy the Helios / equipment. I don’t think it had anything to do with the ISK needed. I had about 230 million ISK and it seemed that the ship/equipment would run about 31 million (I don’t have the skills for T2 equipment, for the most part). That didn’t really frighten me. I think part of what set in was the realization that I was buying an upgraded ship to go do the same thing I’d been doing since I started EVE: exploration. Continue reading

Hello EVE!


So, here’s the initial post for this blog. I joined EVE exactly 37 days ago today. I had intended to start this blog right as I began my trial in order to truly chronicle the new player experience (since I’ve heard so many awful things about being a newb in EVE). Unfortunately, I got distracted by a combination of actually playing the game and real life issues and let this project sit by the wayside. So instead of a real-time account of my “newbro” experiences in EVE you’ll get a brief story mode out of this post to catch you up on my time so far. Future posts will hopefully be focused on chronicling my experiences as they actually happen. Read on to learn about my humble beginnings in EVE Online.

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